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Player's Dream Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky

Actualité publiée le 11/11/2017

World Dog Show Leipzig

Player's Dream - World Dog Show Leipzig

Great day at the World Dog Show in Leipzig.

Player's Dream Never Back Down aka Nikita: 

4 ° Excellent in Junior class (36 entries)

I am so proud!


Player's Dream Illegal Sexy Girl Of Silverlight aka Kacey: 

2 ° Excellent in working class (4 entries)

Thank you to Mr. Burrati for appreciating Nikita and Mr. Angel Martinez for Kacey.

Congratulations to all for your results.

A great time spent with our friends, Laurent & 
Ivette Flenghi and the mother :D, Romain et Laetitia BiskotValerie CharneauMarion CharneauDominique FirettoJérome Jacq.

Thanks to my nanny 
Hélène Lefranc for the dogs staying at home. Aude Cretel & Anthony Lechevin has for children and Mick Gyver & Sandrine Noblet for Balto.